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Message From The Mayor

Mayor Milissa Holland

April 2019

We're embarking on a new era of wireless technology in Palm Coast - with construction of our first new cell phone tower since 2010 and the promise of several more towers in the coming months! The new 150-foot tower on Palm Coast Parkway, west of the Palm Coast Library next to Heroes Park, is the first major project of City Council's plan to improve cell service for residents and businesses city-wide. Council really dug into the problem about two years ago as we focused our priorities on innovation and technology.

We partnered with Diamond Communications to manage our wireless infrastructure and then amended our City ordinance to pave the way for more modern cell tower designs preferred by cell carriers. But we were careful to do it in a way that allows the City to maintain control of future development. The new towers are being built on City properties, and 35 potential sites have been selected for future cell towers.

AT&T Wireless has antennas on the new tower on Palm Coast Parkway, and several other cell providers can be added there, as well. Additional cell towers will go up soon at the Palm Coast Tennis Center on Belle Terre Parkway and at Fire Station 24 on Palm Harbor Parkway. These new towers will improve service dramatically, and there will be great public safety benefits as we continue to grow as a community. We know you rely on your cell phones!

An added bonus is that Diamond is responsible for all of the costs of construction and maintenance. The City will receive 40 percent of all lease proceeds from the wireless providers that rent space on the towers. In addition, Diamond is managing wireless carrier activities on three City-owned towers and the City's water tower on A1A.

This provides additional long-term revenue to support other City projects. City Council is leading several technology initiatives for our community, to foster an environment of innovation and stay on the cutting edge of technology advancements. Technology will not only improve City services but also help grow the local economy.

A big one is the expansion of our fiber optic network for high- speed internet and data services. FiberNet already covers 60 miles to connect City buildings and Flagler County School District facilities. Now we want to expand the fiber network so it's more accessible to residents and businesses - and to help us attract high-tech businesses to Palm Coast.

Our new broadband business plan was finalized last fall, and now we're seeking a public-private partnership to help us with our Fiber- Net expansion. We've hired an expert in the field, Magellan Advisors, to connect us with a new private partner by this summer.  We're optimistic about the future of technology in our community!

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