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Our Future Together
Our Future Together

Making Our Future Together -

Palm Coast's vision evident in growth, projects

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For years, Flagler Palm Coast High School and the roadway and intersection next to the school had major drainage issues. Rain flooded into the school. The athletic fields were soggy and required regular re-seeding. Traffic on State Road 100 backed up before and after school. The FPC parking lot was nicknamed "Lake Bulldog" by students and teachers.

But major improvements to address traffic safety and stormwater issues were recently completed by the City of Palm Coast - and the new traffic pattern and drainage has already been tested and received a grade of A+.

"Lake Bulldog no longer comes to visit whenever it drizzles," said FPC High School Principal Lynette Shott. "Everything is draining beautifully. The traffic flow is going very smoothly. The staff is very pleased."

The project plays a major role in the future of Palm Coast. New turn lanes and intersection signalization at State Road 100 and Bulldog Drive, relocation of the school entrance, and beautification of the intersection are providing a new gateway entrance to Town Center.

"Town Center is going to become Palm Coast's core downtown as we grow and develop, and this is the most direct entrance into Town Center," said Palm Coast City Manager Jim Landon. "We want our residents and visitors to experience our signature landscaping and signage, to feel welcome here, and be proud of the beauty and quality of our community."

Gateway Beautification

Palm Coast's emphasis on beautification of medians and rights-of-way and the creation of lovely gateway entrances is part of the overall vision of the community going back to before December 31, 1999, when the City was incorporated.

"It started early on," said Mayor Jon Netts. "ITT went to great lengths to protect and preserve the natural environment. Our earliest residents picked Palm Coast because of that difference - the environmental component."

"The first Mayor and City Council focused on the environment, and we've been focusing on it ever since," Netts said. "We want this to be a welcoming community. We want this to be a diverse community. But most of all, we treasure the natural environment. Our vision is to protect and preserve what we are."

In the first 15 years as an official City, Palm Coast leaders have carried forward that vision through hundreds of projects - big and small - designed to keep a high level of service and quality of life for residents as Palm Coast grows. The list of projects is long: trails and bike paths, road widening and repaving, bridge rehabilitation, median landscaping, parks, stormwater reconstruction, roadway extensions, water treatment plants, intersection improvements, athletic fields, fire stations, wastewater projects, and our first City Hall.

City Hall Rendering

Most of the City's current projects are shown below, along with 10-Year Infrastructure Projections. The Capital Improvements Plan is updated by the City Council annually.

"Through careful planning, as we have grown and will continue to grow, the City of Palm Coast has created a clear vision for our future - providing an excellent quality of life, growing the local economy and protecting the environment," Mayor Netts said.

For those of us who are lucky enough to call this our home, we are looking forward to Making Our Future Together - a bright future for Palm Coast indeed!

Mission Vision Values 10 Year Infrastructure Projections

Capital Projects By Type

Recently completed and current Capital Projects include:

Palm Coast Parkway 6 Laning Long Creek Groundbreaking
  • Seminole Woods Path - Phase 1 construction
  • Indian Trails Sports Complex scoreboards and 2 new fields
  • Fountains at I-95 and SR100 interchange
  • Longs Creek Nature Preserve - Phase 1
  • Palm Coast Parkway medians at US1
  • Bulldog Drive traffic safety and stormwater improvements
  • Rehab of Palm Harbor Bridge at College Waterway
  • Street Resurfacing - several roads
  • Palm Coast Parkway six-laning from Cypress Point Parkway/Boulder Rock Drive to Florida Park Drive
  • Palm Harbor Parkway Extension
  • Old Kings Road North Extension
  • Royal Palms Parkway improvements
  • M3 Weir reconstruction
  • Stormwater modeling and improvements
  • Swale rehab and pipe replacements
  • Weir Replacement (LO-1)
  • Old Kings Road Master Pump Station and Force Main
  • Reclaimed Water Mains
  • Zero Liquid Discharge plant at Water Treatment Plant 2
  • Water Treatment Plant 2 - Wellfield Expansion
  • City Hall - Phase 1 construction
  • Palm Coast Community Center renovation and expansion
  • Holland Park renovation

Capital Improvement Plan (CIP)

Fiscal Year 2015 Major Capital Projects by Fund

FY 2015 Budgeted Amount
City Hall Construction $6,210,353
Community Center Renovations $1,650,000
Holland Park Renovations $3,532,000
Seminole Woods Path $650,000
Street Resurfacing $1,200,000
Palm Coast Pkwy Six-lane $5,106,000
Palm Harbor Pkwy Extension $2,165,000
Old Kings Road N. Extension $6,289,495
Old Kings Road Widening Design $1,560,000
Royal Palms Pkwy Improvements $1,330,000
WTP 2 - Well field Expansion $1,550,000
Old Kings Road Master Pump Station and Force Main $2,250,000
Reclaimed Water Mains (Seminole Blvd & Matanzas Woods Pkwy) $3,525,000
Swale Rehab & Pipe Replacements $2,268,082
Modeling Improvements (Sec. 34 & 37) $225,000
Weir Replacement (LO-1) $440,000
Major Crossing (Boulder Rock) $335,000