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History of the Palm Coast Fire Department

April 3, 1973; as with most service organizations, the Volunteer Fire Department at Palm Coast was formed in response to community need. Instigated by the Palm Coast Civic Association's Safety Committee in January 1973, the Fire Department was incorporated with 36 members answering the call to duty. The goal of these founding fathers was to provide the residents of Palm Coast with a prompt response to fire and emergency medical calls. Although the needs of the community and services of the department have expanded dramatically over the past 38 plus years, the spirit of the department is unchanged. The men and women, who serve the Palm Coast Fire Department today, do so with the same sense of dedication and community pride fostered by the original membership.

February 21, 1974 marked the arrival of the first fire engine in Palm Coast. At a cost of $34,000, the 750 gallon per minute pumper and its auxiliary equipment was donated to the community by the International Telephone & Telegraph/ International Community Development Corporation, (ITT/ICDC). There was no official fire station to house the pumper in the early years, so it was temporarily housed at the Palm Harbor Golf Course maintenance facility. Founding members Charles Konopasek and Vincent Moore began training the members on the equipment and the new engine.

Vincent Moore was elected the first Fire Chief in 1974 and the Department responded to 2 calls for service.

1975 saw the formation of a new division within the department. The "Fire Police Squad" was officially formed with eight associate members of the department being assigned specific duties. Such duties have been incorporated over the years and the today the Fire Police number some 15 members. Called at all hours of the day and night, they protect the crews working the fires.

1977 saw the dedication of the first publicly owned building in Palm Coast. A permanent home was dedicated to the Palm Coast Fire Department and was operational that day. Donated by ITT/ICDC, the long awaited Emergency Service Building or as it was named the "Grand Haven Station", located at the corner of Palm Coast Parkway and Clubhouse Drive has proven to be an invaluable asset to the community. Still in service today, Station 22 has been the backbone for the Department for the past 30 plus years. It was in this building that many hours of training took place as well as meetings and the daily operation of the Department. The future of the Department was planned in this station and saw many an evening with members sitting around the coffee table talking about things to come.

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