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Volunteer Firefighters

Firefighter Volunteer/Intern Program

~~Benjamin Franklin often wrote about the dangers of fire and the need for organized fire protection in his newspaper The Pennsylvania Gazette.  He wanted organizations that would battle all fires, regardless of whose property was burning. So, in 1736, "The Union Fire Company" was started with 30 volunteers to band together community members with the selfless goal to protect their neighbors.

280 years after the first volunteer brigade was formed, the goal of the volunteer firefighter remains the same today as it did then, to protect their neighbors. Our Palm Coast Volunteer Fire department started in 1973 with 50 members and has always placed the needs of the community on the forefront of its mission and operation. As the needs for service increased, so did the staffing levels.  The City of Palm Coast and our Palm Coast Fire Department embraces the spirit and history of the fire service as a combination fire department which integrates 50+ volunteer members with the 57 full-time career firefighters that protect our community.

The Palm Coast Fire Department operates out of five (5) fire stations. In addition to the career staff, our current volunteer membership includes Firefighters, Fire Police and Associate members, all of whom respond to emergency medical calls and emergency management situations. Today, the PCFD handles approximately 20-25 calls per day and the call volume keeps increasing.

The newest program being instituted in the department is a Volunteer Firefighter Intern program that  provides training to willing candidates provided they dedicate time to do career "ride - alongs." This program will require the candidate to commit to learning the skills necessary to become a career firefighter.  It is expected that the candidate will enroll in the required educational programs to become a firefighter/EMT or Paramedic while volunteering.  In return, the City will give employment preference to those that are participating in this program over other, external applicants.

The Palm Coast Volunteer Fire, Inc., a not for profit membership corporation, is a Federal 501-C-3 tax exempt status. It was established to provide Palm Coast Volunteer Firefighters with leadership, volunteer representation and training to support many of its community programs and needs. The future focus of the Palm Coast Volunteers will be to enhance the training of its members and continue the support of providing that protection to our neighbors that Benjamin Franklin thought was a vital part of any community.

This position is open until filled

All applicants to be considered must have proof of City of Palm Coast residency.

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