As part of the ongoing enhanced Stormwater program, The City of Palm Coast will be replacing the existing concrete-lined ditch in the F-Section with a new underground piping system. This project will address ongoing concerns with ditch deterioration, decreased conveyance capacity and increased maintenance.

Improvements will also include a system of shallow swales and inlets to collect stormwater runoff from adjacent properties and right-of-way as well as the replacement of cross drains under Faith Ln., Farmbrook Ln., Fairview Ln., and Farragut Dr.

While the project is primarily intended for Stormwater functions-better conveyance, improving structural stability and reduced future system maintenance-these improvements will also improve the look and feel of the neighborhood and allow area homeowners to better maintain their property.

The project is scheduled to begin around mid-January and should take around 3 months.

A neighborhood meeting is scheduled for December 16th at 6:30pm, room 116 at the Palm Coast Community Center on Club House Drive, 305 Palm Coast Pkwy NE.

In January of 2019, the Palm Coast City Council directed City Staff to enhance the existing Stormwater plan. In response to that direction, the Stormwater Department has enacted a more proactive approach utilizing state-of-the-art technology including LiDAR to identify potential problem areas within the city's stormwater system.

More details can be found on the project website.