Palm Coast - City of Palm Coast HR & Learning Manager Debbie Streichsbier is being promoted to the permanent position of Human Resources Director.

City Manager Matthew Morton believes promoting Streichsbier will add a highly-skilled manager to lead the team charged with fostering one of our greatest assets - our employees.

"Debbie brings a wealth of leadership and valuable human resources experience to this role in addition to understanding the vital importance of staff connection," Morton said. "With her in the driver's seat, this will help the department move forward and modernize our approach."

Streichsbier has worked for the City for the past four and a half years. She was hired as a Compensation Analyst in December of 2014. From there, her position was reclassified to Compensation and Training Manager in 2017 and then reclassified again this past April to HR and Learning Manager.

Within the organization, Streichsbier is involved with several teams that make decisions and lead projects throughout the City. Those include the Innovation Team, FEST (Festival Event SERT Team), and ICE (Internal Control Enforcement) along with a few others.

Streichsbier earned her bachelor's degree in Business Administration in 2018 from Baker College. She also belongs to several professional organizations such as CPN (Compensation Professional Network), Retail Management Executive Group, International Human Resource Development Professionals and HR Career Networking Group.