Palm Coast - At 3:30 p.m. on March 15, Mayor Milissa Holland signed a proclamation at City Hall declaring a local state of emergency for the City of Palm Coast.

Mayor Holland made the following statement to the residents of Palm Coast in a video that has been shared on City social media and Palm Coast Connect.

Hello, Palm Coast.

This is Mayor Milissa Holland, reaching out to inform you, our residents, about COVID-19, also known as the novel Coronavirus.

For the last several weeks, your City has been mobilizing its efforts and response by utilizing all of our resources. We have been actively engaged with our partners throughout the state and community. And we have been constantly monitoring the most up to date information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Florida Department of Health.

Beginning Monday, March 16, Palm Coast Connect will be the hub for all City responses in an effort to do our part to keep you safe and informed. I strongly encourage you to register for an account now so that you may receive timely information and notifications for any City updates. If you do not already have an account, please take a few minutes to visit or call 386-986-2360 and create a free account now. This will allow for around the clock, real time updates.

Through Palm Coast Connect, you will be able to utilize your virtual City Hall that will allow you to pay your utility and water bills, manage permitting virtually, conduct meetings remotely, and more.

Your Palm Coast team has been working hard to gather the most up to date, reliable information that will be shared in your virtual City Hall Information Center that will answer any questions you may have about the Coronavirus.

Part-time staff that would have been displaced by this situation are being reassigned to cleaning and sanitizing city parks and facilities.

Additionally, I am signing an official order declaring a local State of Emergency for the City of Palm Coast.

It allows our staff to take the necessary actions to address the emergency situations that may arise along with accessing the necessary federal and state support.

Now is the time to educate yourself on COVID-19 symptoms and what you can do to help prevent the spread of this disease.

As the impact of the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic continues to shape our daily lives, affecting how, where, and when we work, getting sick or anxious, or worrying if our families are at risk, it's easy to feel like your individual actions may not matter in the grand scheme of things. But every single one of us plays a part in our community's health.

I am encouraging all of you to frequently wash your hands, stay home if you feel sick, and limit contact with others, as advised by the CDC. Please shop responsibly and be respectful of your neighbors. As a community we will find a path forward.

Most importantly, remember that none of us are alone.

Remember, be calm, be prepared, and stay informed.