Palm Coast - "I am deeply saddened by the tragic events of the past few days regarding Minnesota's George Floyd. Everybody deserves to feel safe in this country. Everybody deserves to feel valued and their voices need to be heard. Not one single person should have to encounter the fears that so many people in our nation are facing daily. My heart is with each and every person who feels marginalized or persecuted.

I believe in peaceful protests. It is a fundamental American right to be able to gather and be heard in order to bring about positive, lasting change. It's devastating to see the hate and hurt that so many people are feeling as it plays out in other communities across the nation.

We must actively come together in our hearts and in our souls to share our loving encouragement with our friends. Speak with a compassionate voice, reach out and say, "What can we do to help you and support you?" As long as I've lived here, as long as I've known so many of you, I've always stood tall with this community as one people. I've always been proud that we are one Palm Coast.

Our strength has always been and will always be our unity in trying times. We have more in common than we have differences. Together, I know that each and every one of us has the humanity and understanding to find common ground." - Mayor Milissa Holland.