Palm Coast - The City of Palm Coast Utility Department's Water Treatment Plant #2 is being presented with the 2020 "Outstanding Membrane Plant Award" by the South East Desalting Association (SEDA).

This award is in recognition of outstanding plant operations, maintenance, and exemplary membrane treatment plant performance.

The membrane system is a nanofiltration system that separates particles from water to make it clean and drinkable. The City of Palm Coast separates itself from other membrane treatment facilities by converting the concentrate stream from the nanofiltration process to potable drinking water through the use of Zero Liquid Discharge thus recovering 98.5% of the water pumped from the Floridan Aquifer.

The City of Palm Coast was chosen for this award because:

1. Their ZLD (Zero Liquid Discharge) process was a huge step in maximizing water productivity and conservation (a process in making drinkable water);

2. Over the past two years, they've continuously strived to improve that process, making it more efficient and improving their water quality. They've been doing their own experiments, which is unique and not typical of most plants;

3. Over the past two years, they've worked with vendors and their consulting engineer in a productive manner to take advantage of their knowledge base, experiences and resources. That type of teamwork is what takes a plant's operation to the next level.

To win, utility departments submit an application that considers operating practices, safety practices, compliance history, water conservation, innovation, ingenuity and willingness to work with vendors and consultants to take advantage of their specialized skills. SEDA looks to give this award to those plants that are proactive in improving their process, and taking advantage of newly available technologies.

The Palm Coast Utility Department has won this award a total of four times. The team received a plaque to display in their facility. The facility is located at 50 Citation Boulevard and is operated by seven operators and two techs.

The SEDA association was formed in 1994 and is dedicated to the improvement of water supplies through membrane desalting and filtration, water reuse, and other water sciences.